[AG-TECH] Question about AGSchedule

Shawn Davis wdavis at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Jun 30 12:22:40 CDT 2003

At 11:09 AM 6/30/2003 -0500, Jeremy Mann wrote:

>I hope this is the right place. I have a question regarding the AG

Here is fine, or you can contact the AGSchedule staff directly at 
agschedule at ncsa.uiuc.edu.

>Schedule system. I want to schedule a meeting for our channel, Unversity
>of Texas Health Science Center for an upcoming AG event. It is telling me
>I need to make rooms in our channel before I can schedule anything.
>Where and how do I request rooms to be added to our channel?

Borries Demeler is registered as a node operator for your location.  He can 
log in and add rooms by clicking "Edit My Site" in the menu bar. These are 
the physical spaces that you use for AG activities.  We use this 
information to manage your local reservations, and to prevent an AG Node 
from being booked for more than one meeting simultaneously.

-Shawn Davis
wdavis at ncsa.uiuc.edu

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