[AG-TECH] bandwidth slider max 128Kb/s ??

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at cise-nsf.gov
Thu Jun 26 07:40:06 CDT 2003

Hmm...thanks! I dabbled a bit in tcl/tk some time back, (it was a result 
of having play around with expect) but after my last job ended I did'nt 
have any need for it and ended up playing around with python and perl. 
I'll have to dig up my tcl/tk manual again browse it's features.

I appreciate the information on the videum system, the multiport card we 
have is currently using s/video.

Doug Baggett

Lawrence A. Rowe wrote:

>hi -
>i have a videum in my desktop machine.  the problem is that the videum
>board has more than one input connection.  by default it selects one of
>them, but your camera is connected to the other.  it could be as dumb as
>svideo versus composite connector.  i have to check the videum driver to
>see if i can set the port and add the code to the video-win32 driver to
>support that option.  it's on my list to do, but may take a couple of
>weeks because i'm deep in the details of organizing the acm multimedia
>2003 program.
>btw, you really should learn tcl/tk.  it is extremely easy to pick up
>and it will allow you to do a lot of useful things.  for example,
>setting up a server to talk to the external sign would be very easy.
>also, adding a tool to watch the conference bus and do something when an
>event is generated would be possible too.  sadly, that is exactly the
>sort of thing i wanted to do as part of the nsf proposals that were
>rejected.  oh well, ...
>thanks for the videum feedback - i'll do it first when i get a chance. i
>really like their boards and the ceo/company are good too.
>	Larry

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