[AG-TECH] Triggering red light bulb with VIC - seriously!!!

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Tue Jun 24 12:15:13 CDT 2003

I was thinking that this device would be a great "now sending / network
status" indicator:


Cool looking, multiple colors, can flash & pulse, etc.

I was turned off by the lack of availability, high price, and difficulty
of connecting directly to a PC though.  I've been playing around
learning electronics however, and I've been tempted to whip something up
using one of the USB single chip devices and some ultrabright LEDs.
However, my motivation quailed before I got the idea off the ground ;-)

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We were brainstorming about why people think they can "Chat" in the the 
background while other people are talking during a grid session and my 
boss was wondering if there was a way to trigger a Red light bulb (like 
in the old Radio studio days) when the vic transmit check box is 
selected to indicate we were "on air"

I was thinking that If there was a way to detect it, it would be fairly 
easy to write some perl to trigger something home-made through the 
serial port (at least on linux).

Can anybody think of a way to detect "transmit" in ovic or uclvic?


Doug B

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