[AG-TECH] Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] H.263 codec beta test

Lawrence A. Rowe Rowe at bmrc.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 23 19:29:04 CDT 2003

Kun -

I have said again and again that the current decoder does not handle
motion vectors (MV). Lloyd had written some code to handle them, but it
didn't work and my quick look at it suggested that there was much to be
done.  Rather than start implementing every one of the MV modes and
special cases in the standard, I wanted to get some test streams so I
could see what features were actually being used.  I can grab uclvic
test streams, but I cannot record polycom or netmeeting streams.  (As an
aside: how do you record NetMeeting streams?  are they RTP-complaint?)
That's why I asked numerous people to give me some short streams that I
can use to analyze coding features used by the standard codecs.

Lastly, did you read the beta release webpage! I mentioned the problem
with MVs and uclvic and the general issue with MVs on that page. Pink
blocks are displayed when it receives a MV so that is what you're
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