[AG-TECH] Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] H.263 codec beta test

Wesley Miaw wesley at bmrc.berkeley.edu
Fri Jun 13 06:15:51 CDT 2003

Hi Claudio,

> is it going to be ported to OS X as well? Since Wesley got another 
> job, I
> saw very little development on thi side. Any way we could help?

Yeah, I had working on Mac OS X on my todo list, but I've just been too 
busy. IOXperts did release a new version of their driver (a universal 
type driver for USB and FireWire) that may or may not work with the 
existing code. I haven't been able to check.

However, codec implementations should pretty much be platform neutral. 
I am fairly certain I added all of the necessary support to the Mac OS 
X video capture code to properly support 4:2:2, 4:2:0, and also 4:1:1. 
I think H.263 uses the same YUV format as H.261? So there's a very good 
chance that just choosing H.263 in the options menu will work.

The only thing might be some special cases where #defines or #typedefs 
need to be checked. But those things will show up when you compile, and 
are pretty easy to fix. If I recall correctly, they will show up as 
directives inside __APPLE__ or __MACH__ tests.

Wesley Miaw, Berkeley Multimedia Research Center
wesley at bmrc.berkeley.edu

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