[AG-TECH] Viewing VRVS room "mosaic" through AG?

Shahid Bhatti shahid at cs.ucsb.edu
Wed Jun 18 14:01:24 CDT 2003

Yes, that works. I tried connecting with tkMOO-light. Thanks.


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You first must obtain a MOO character from AGSchedule 
(http://agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.edu).  Register or log in, then go to 
"Profile" in the menu bar.  From there, you can create a MOO character.

You can then connect any MOO client to venues.ncsa.uiuc.edu:7777 and log
with the character you just created and the password you assigned to
AGSchedule account.


At 09:53 AM 6/18/2003 -0700, Shahid Bhatti wrote:
>We don't have the multicast connectivity for our AG node on our campus 
>for a while because the gateway router is waiting for an upgrade. In 
>the meanwhile we decided to participate through VRVS 
>(http://www.vrvs.org) in an meeting with SDSC. The issue is that the 
>room allocated for that meeting is "NCSA-AG/Mosaic" and that cannot be 
>reached through the non-secured Venue pages of Access Grid. So is there

>a way in which we can walk to Mosaic (and other rooms like that) 
>through virtual venues?
>The feature that'd be most desireable would be to hook up (any) chat 
>client with the participants of Mosaic room.
>--Shahid Bhatti
>CNT Group
>CS Dept. UCSB

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