[AG-TECH] Rat questions

Jason Hill jahill at scl.ameslab.gov
Tue Jun 17 18:36:17 CDT 2003

Greetings all,

I've managed to use my installing knowledge to create our main 
AccessGric node (x86 - Debian) and a secondary node (also x86 -Debian) 
here at Ames Lab. My question to the group is that rat seems to be 
taking almost 75% of the processor all the time. I didn't notice it 
until I ran everything on a single processor (AMD k7) and there was 
considerable lag in moving windows and such.

Anyone else having this problem?

We found that we could forward the rat session via ssh and x on linux, 
but there appears to be a problem with how the signal is sent to exit 
rat upon switching venues. Right now we have to manually close the 
window (not a big deal), but I was wondering if anyone on the list had 
any ideas about how to keep that automated as well.

Also what's the purpose of having the AudioService and VideoService zip 
files (and unzipping) in /tmp/local_services? This is kind of a problem 
for Debian because the OS cleans out the contents of /tmp periodically - 
then a user must place the files in the directory and there are again 
ownership problems. Just wondering the thought behind putting them in 
that location.



Jason Hill
jahill at scl.ameslab.gov
SCL, Ames Laboratory
301 Wilhelm Hall
Ames, IA 50010

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