[AG-TECH] Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] H.263 codec beta test

Paolo Barbato paolo.barbato at igi.cnr.it
Tue Jun 17 02:08:09 CDT 2003

Hi All.

I've got last CVS, build it with some spurious warning and run under 
VRVS3 on my G4/500 with MacOSX. All seems works fine.
I've not yet fully tested H.263, but some basics. In next days I'll 
go on with test. A side note. I still suffer a crash when dismiss 
(close) Audio Vat GUI. Probably related on some memory leaks, as 
Claudio Allocchio suggested some time ago. Is this a problem present 
only on MACOSX (Jaguar 10.2.6) ?


>Wesley Miaw wrote:
>  > Hi Claudio,
>>  > is it going to be ported to OS X as well? Since Wesley got another
>>  > job, I
>>  > saw very little development on thi side. Any way we could help?
>Hi -
>i agree with Wesley, once we get the h.263 branch re-integrated with the
>main trunk, it should be pretty easy to re-compile it for the Mac.  But,
>someone else will have to do it.  Wesley has a Mac and the required
>software and hardware to do it - maybe he can just do the re-compile.
>	Larry
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