[AG-TECH] contribution to QuickBridge

Michael Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Thu Jun 12 05:47:26 CDT 2003

It seems like it might be a good idea for QuickBridge to be held on ANL's
cvs repository... At the moment, the downloadable version (downloadable from
the AGDP document) is held on my web space. This was done pre-AG2, so could
do with updating.

I'm sure QuickBridge will continue to be useful for some time yet before it
is superceded by an AGTk solution.


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> Subject: [AG-TECH] contribution to QuickBridge
> Dear all,
> I have modified source code of QuickBridge to combine broadcast
> domains (subnets) into a single multicast domain. In other words, the
> modified QuickBridge can join a multicast group and have several
> unicast peers (other QuickBridges) at the same time and then forward
> multicast traffic between several subnets.
> I want to return the modified code to the AG community, but
> distributing it by myself is not a good way and may not be allowed by
> license. Conditions of license and intellectual properties seem not to
> be clear. Can anyone make them clear and give us any suggestions on
> how to contribute for QuickBridge?
> There are two names of contributors to QuickBridge in the source code,
> Tom Lehman (ISI) and Stephen Booth (EPCC).
> The former is the original writer of the `mboneuctomcgw' which is the
> base of QuickBridge and the source code says that the latter has
> re-written it heavily.  Are they the only contributors (possible
> copyright holders) to QuickBridge?
> If so, do you (especially Lehman and Booth) think it's good thing to
> give us license statements of QuickBridge?
>   Kazuyuki Shudo
>   Grid Technology Research Center
>   National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

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