[AG-TECH] AG1/2 on the same machine

Thomas Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jun 11 20:31:23 CDT 2003

Hi David:

The web page is referring to previous releases of the AG2 software, such 
as alpha/beta releases and the release candidate.  It does not refer to 
versions of AG 1.x, which can coexist on the same machine with the AG2 

ANL/MCS/Futures Lab

bernholdtde at ornl.gov wrote:

>I thought I recalled reading here earlier that AG1 and AG2 can both be
>installed on the same machine(s).  But the web page for the Windows
>version of 2.0 says "you should uninstall all previous software,
>including ... previously installed versions of the AGTk."
>The machine in question has an AG 1.2 PIG installation that I'd like
>to keep for the time being.  Can anyone state the definitive answer?
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