[AG-TECH] Additional bridging questions

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Fri Jun 6 14:27:16 CDT 2003

For various and sundry reasons, bridging will probably be an important 
topic for us here in the near term, both for getting access externally, but 
also for some of the plans internally.

Been looking around at some of the available info - there are a couple of 
questions to which I haven't found obvious answers.

What is the bandwidth of the unicast connection that comes out of the 
bridge?  Can one assume that it is close to an aggregate of all of the 
multicast streams that one might receive at a fully connected AG node?  Or 
is there some reduction there?  Anybody had any issues with packet 
filtering firewalls not being able to keep up?

Looking at the Quickbridge, it seems a viable option, and I've heard of it 
being done, to use two Quickbridges on either side of a firewall (or 
router) to 'tunnel' the multicast between two disconnected multicast 
domains.  Anybody done this?  Willing to share the details?

Thanks much!!


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