[AG-TECH] Change in ANL msb config

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Jun 6 10:13:40 CDT 2003

It is not currently; I have in plan a scheme where you'll be able to get 
that information from the registration pages.

If in the short term you need that information, let me know and I'll pull 
it from the config files. The port assignments will possibly change as new 
hosts are added (the new scheme will result in them being fixed per-IP over 


At 08:05 AM 6/6/2003 -0700, Randy Groves wrote:
>Is this information posted on each venue?  Or if not, is there a source 
>for the information?  I'm going to have to get some configuration done on 
>the Netscreen we now have in the way.

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