[AG-TECH] PIG over remote X Session

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Wed Jun 4 11:16:46 CDT 2003

You might want to check out these documents:


A caveat: it is not yet entirely clear how all this will work with AG 2.x.

- Jennifer

Mark Leonard wrote:

>I'm also wondering about work-a-rounds for non-multicast nodes...
>Is there any documentation or anyone out there using a bridge between
>unicast and multicast that can give me some words of advice on how to start
>building one here??? I've been told it maybe several years before our campus
>will be multicast enabled...
>Thanks for your time-
>Mark Leonard
>DL Studios
>University of New Hampshire
>Voice:  603-862-0192
>Hotline:    862-0228
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>>Has anybody out there tried to run the AG Grid over a remote X 
>>I want to demo it to some people who are firewalled and don't have 

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