[AG-TECH] PIG over remote X Session

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at nsf.gov
Wed Jun 4 09:23:47 CDT 2003

Has anybody out there tried to run the AG Grid over a remote X session? 
I want to demo it to some people who are firewalled and don't have 
multicast. Provided I have great bandwidth and latency (both networks 
are directly connected to one another via100baseT router) I'd like to 
know how viable it could be running the Xsession tunneled through an SSH 
tunnel to a LINUX AG Grid server that is multicast enabled.

I'm thinking it wouldn't work due to the tunnel overhead. Other 
potential problems I can think of might be sound (I'm pretty sure there 
are sound modules for X running, but what of microphone support?).

thanks for any input

-Doug Baggett

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