[AG-TECH] Ag2.0 Install on Debian Linux - possibly also on KNOPPIX?

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at nsf.gov
Wed Jun 4 09:16:04 CDT 2003

Thanks, I'll take a look at it. I'll keep you in mind when we start to 
play around with it in the next couple of weeks.

-Doug B

Grzesiek Sedek wrote:

>I did one- it's hardly an alpha i would say- I've just included vic and
>rat witch is enough for all new people I'm recruiting ;-) , mostly
>without multicast so connection is made through quickbridge, once I'll
>get more time I'm planning to remaster it with full AG support.
>You can download it from:
>its just 200Mb
>Keep me updated please!
>On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 14:27, Douglas Baggett wrote:
>>I'd be interested in any issues you might have. We are thinking of 
>>rolling a KNOPPIX livecd with the AGGrid software installed. It might be 
>>a good way for somebody to try out the grid without having to install it 
>>(we'll see!). Since Knoppix is based off of debian I'd imagine we will 
>>have similar issues.
>>I'll be following your thread with interest, I'll post if we run into 
>>any strangeness.
>>Has anybody else out there thought creating a livecd linux AG PIG?
>>-Doug Baggett
>>Jason wrote:
>>>I'm working on trying to install the Ag2.0 software on Debian and have 
>>>tried to use the rpm's and even gone as far as using alien to convert 
>>>the rmps to debian packages.
>>>Using the instructions at 
>>>http://hpcnc.cpe.ku.ac.th/moin/InstallingAccessGrid I get errors.
>>>The problem I have run into either way is that the setup-gsi script is 
>>>failing while executing grid-security-config. The grid-security.config 
>>>file is created just fine, but there is some problem I can't resolve 
>>>when it configures. The script is bailing out at line 133 of 
>>>/usr/lib/globus/setup/globus/setup-gsi.pl if that helps anyone who may 
>>>offer a response.
>>>My question is this: Can I install from the CVS source and where would 
>>>information about installing from the CVS source be located? I have 
>>>all the prerequisite software that is available in debian packages 
>>>(Python2.2, libwxgtk2.2, libwxgtk2.2-python, python logging) installed 
>>>and it appears to be ready, but the error above has me stuck in my 
>>>Jason Hill
>>>jahill at scl.ameslab.gov
>>>Ames Laboratory, SCL
>>>310 Wilhelm Hall
>>>Ames, IA 50010

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