[AG-TECH] Question: What's the optimum size/shape of room for an installation?

Noah Stewart nstewart at bcgsc.ca
Thu Jul 31 17:46:11 CDT 2003

Hi folks:
My agency is working towards installing three Access Grid rooms to link
campuses in our bioinformatics program. One of the installations will be
done in a building that's still being designed; we have some flexibility if
we act quickly.

I've been asked to ask you: What's the optimum size/shape of room for an
installation? I've used the Excel file on the Access Grid site, which lets
me work backward from the equipment specs, but was wondering if any of you
had any comments from your own experience. General or specific comments
would be welcome.

Many thanks in advance for any advice you have to offer (and my apologies if
I've somehow asked an inappropriate question of this list, since most of
what I see is highly technical). Please feel free to contact me directly
with any comments or questions.

Noah Stewart

Noah Stewart
Program Coordinator
Strategic Training Program in Bioinformatics
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