[AG-TECH] Small Scale Node

Rabarison Monika Klara monika.k.rabarison at ccaix.jsums.edu
Thu Jul 31 16:53:22 CDT 2003

On our smaller node I have both audio and video on one linux machine 
running both AG1.0 and AG 2.0 without problem so far. However the Display is on win 2000 with one 
projector and the Control is on win 98. I have noticed that the Gentner on the control 
machine consumes a lot of resources. 
Budget wise I don't know much about :)

On Thu, 31 Jul 2003, Glover George wrote:

> Hello all, 
> 	We've been using the Access Grid now for over and year and no
> real complaints.  However, I was wondering if anyone can help us with
> this.  We're looking at the possibility of building a small scale AGN
> here at USM for another location on campus.  They do not need or want to
> spend the type of budget required for a full scale room, with 2 or 3
> projection screens.  We were wondering, does anyone have experience in
> setting something small up, say between $10,000 and $15,000?  I've
> noticed that it would be possible to run (in version 1 of AG) both the
> audio and video on one linux machines (as we had to do when we lost the
> motherboard in the audio machine), and be able to run both the control
> and display machines on the same windows machine.  Now I haven't got too
> far along with the personal type node that is on the site with the
> version 2 software, because I don't have a signed signature, but I was
> wondering.....
> 1.  Since it feels like most of the setup revolves around the display,
> what type of inexpensive display would work best, possibly one projector
> if small enough, maybe a large monitor or flat screen, plasma display,
> etc.
> 2.  For a one or two camera setup, what would be the requirements in
> hardware and software.  Is version 2 of the AG agile enough to be
> configured in many different ways, is this even recommended?
> 3.  Anything anyone can suggest will be much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Glover George
> Systems Admin/Programmer
> University of Southern Mississippi
> Glover.george at usm.edu

Monika Rabarison
Systems Administrator
Office of Information Technology/HPCVI
Jackson State University
SciVis Lab:(601)979-1061

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