[AG-TECH] Re: [AG-USERS] some questions from newbie to ag

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Thu Jul 24 13:51:51 CDT 2003


Yup, there are people to talk to. :-) I'm cc-ing this reply to the ag-tech mailing list, where most of the technical staff exchange advice. (I'm not cc-ing ag-users; it's for less technical discussions.) I'll bet you'll get plenty of advice now! Information about joining this mailing list is at http://www.accessgrid.org/documentation/mailinglists.html .

Also, you might be interested to know that some of us hang out on a MOO; information on how to find us is at http://www.accessgrid.org/agdp/howto/use-venues-moo.html .


Cifer wrote:

> Hi,
>   I'm exploring ag as part of my university proj now.
> I've been trying to set this ag up since early june.
> but it's until recently, i've got it to connect to the
> ag lobby.
>   Can you guys help me out? I'm quite lost.
>   When i start ag without camera driver installed, rat
> and vic seems to be able to start, however, after i
> install my camera driver, rat wouldnt start at all. Is
> this because my comp does not haf enuff resources to
> support both media?
>   Is there any way to check which ports my comp is
> using to transmit/receive video and audio? I'm behind
> sch firewall by the way. hee~. I've try some port
> monitor tools, but there are so many ports listening
> for rat.exe and vic.exe. I dont really know which one.
>   Does ag support vnc? I can't find any commands to
> start vnc in ag.
>   And is there any room where alot of pple gather and
> help newbies there? And always transmitting their
> video/audio so that poor noobs like me can do testing?
> Can i have the venue url?
>   Thankx alot in advance. I'm really lost for the past
> 1 mth. 
> Regards,
> Bruce Ng
> Singapore
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