[AG-TECH] camera position

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Wed Jul 23 11:15:24 CDT 2003

At BU we do sometimes place the camera in front of the screen, near a seam between projectors, and just place the video windows carefully around it. Whether we do this depends in large part on the desired dynamics of the meeting (ie, three people chatting is very different from a 200-person conference).

On a tangent here, one thing I've thought a bit about is the fact that (assuming good camera placement) while you feel like the speaker is looking at you, they might be talking to somebody else. I'm curious how this affects personal and group dynamics. On a practical level, I know that it means that I end up using people's names more (ie, "Mike, what do *you* think about this?"), and having to more explicitly ask people to join into conversations, since I can't indicate who I'm talking to by looking at them, or use  subtle glances to elicit comments from quiet people.

- Jennifer

Jon Zeeff wrote:

> Research has shown that it's important that people be looking straight 
> into the camera.  Yet
> this appears to often not be the case.  For the cases where it is being 
> done, how are
> people positioning a camera in the middle of a projection screen?

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