[AG-TECH] Use VPN for remote home clients to access AG

Peter S F Luk sfluk at cuhk.edu.hk
Wed Jul 23 03:49:01 CDT 2003

Dear All,

I want to ask if there's any people which have experience for using VPN
solution (client to site) to allow remote clients to connect to AG?? As we
want students at home can use broadband network to take part the AG events.

For site to site situation, I have sucessfully used mTunnel or GRE tunnel to
connect the two multicast network.

For the VPN (client to site configuration), I have tried using Windows 2K
server as VPN server but only 1 side can view the video, but the other side
cannot (This depends which side I set for IGMP proxy in Windows 2K server).
Moreover, the audio doesn't work at all.

I'm planning to configure a Linux to be a PPTP VPN server and use mrouted to
route the multicast traffic to the VPN client. Does anyone has any
experience on this configuration??

BTW, I'm also planning to use a ciscio 1721 router to be a PPTP VPN server.
Does anyone has any experience on this??

Thanks for any reply.

Peter S F Luk
Dept. of Information Engineering,
Chinese University of Hong Kong

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