[AG-TECH] no scroll bar in vic and no mailcap file for shared presentation and browser for AGTK 2.0

Peter S F Luk sfluk at cuhk.edu.hk
Fri Jul 18 20:10:55 CDT 2003

Thanks for the people which have replied my post. The solution for the two
problems are :

> I have found that I can't scroll down to see thumbnails on vic if there's
> lot of particpant. Does anyone know a solution for this??

Select keyboard keys 1, 2, 3, or 4 to display video thumbnails in 1, 2,
3 or 4 columns.

Solution provided by chris

> BTW, After installing the shared presentation and browser from AGTK 2.0. I
> always get the no client registered for mine type :
> application/x-ag-shared-presentation or
> I have tried to edit the mailcap file in c:\Document and
> Setting\<username>\Application Data\AccessGrid but with no access. Can
> anyone post a sample mailcap file for windows for reference. Thanks a lot.

1. Setup the mailcap for shared browser :

MailcapSetup.py -m "application/x-ag-shared-browser" -e "C:\Documents and
Settings\All User s\Application
Data\AccessGrid\applications\SharedBrowser\SharedBrowser.py" --description
"This is the shared browser" --nametemplate "sharedbrowser"

Then the VenueClient will invoke a pthyon applicatoin to wrap the IE and
can browse webpage

2. Setup the mailcap for shared presentation :

MailcapSetup.py -m "application/x-ag-shared-presentation" -e "C:\Documents
and Settings\All Users\Application
Data\AccessGrid\applications\SharedPresentation\SharedPresentation.py" - -de
scription "This is the shared Presentation" --nametemplate

Edit C:\Documents and Settings\<username{\Application

And put -a before %s for application/x-ag-shared-presentation

Then the VenueClient will invoke a shared application controller and
call the powerpoint.

(This is because I have found that the SharedPresentation.py need the -a
parameter to feed the applicaton url but the MailcapSetup.py refuse to
accept it)..

Peter S F Luk
Dept. of  Information Engineering,
Chinese University of Hong Kong

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