[AG-TECH] problems running Video Producer Service on Linux

Nikhil Mittal nikhil at east.isi.edu
Thu Jul 17 17:48:22 CDT 2003


Initially I installed vic on my RH 7.3 box from the AccessGrid-vic-*rpm
bundled with the AG software package. But whenever i ran vic, it was
crashing with "Segmentation Fault" (It happens on another Linux box too).
Then i uninstalled the vic rpm and installed the vic by compiling from
source (after downloading souce from UCL website). After this new
installation, the vic works fine and i am able to see the captured video on
our side.
Now in AG, after connecting to Venue server and then selecting My
Node->Manage, I start Video Producer Service. But it does not open any vic
window.  Then i select debug option and click "Go to Lobby". It opens up a
vic window but i am unable to see the captured video from my side. The
terminal displays error "V41: trying /dev/video0......open: Permission
I am trying to find out whether this problem is happening because of new
installation of vic or if there is something messed up with the permissions.
I am unable to track it down :-(


Nikhil Mittal
Computer Networks Division
Arlington, VA 22203

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