[AG-TECH] Echo canceller

Richard Naylor richard.naylor at citylink.co.nz
Thu Jul 17 08:00:35 CDT 2003


I probably should lurk a little longer on the list before asking a 
question, but .......

I have the task of building 3 AG nodes for NZ universities. As usual budget 
is tight. The Genter (or ClearOne) AEC device is expensive down here 
NZ$12k. which looks like being twice the price of a projector.

My question is, can I use a single channel AEC device like the Polycom 
EF2210 with a "standard" audio mixer in front of it. It does mean that a 
node operator will have to set audio levels on the mixer, but that should 
be standard room set up anyway.

Apart from cost savings, using a mixer means I can easily interface other 
audio sources, for artistic sessions etc.


Technical Director

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