[AG-TECH] minor config questions

Lewis Grantham reavlew at ucl.ac.uk
Thu Jul 17 05:52:33 CDT 2003

Hi AgTech,

a couple of quick operational questions for Ag2.0 final on w2k bases..

a. With Osprey 220 cards on w2k - each switch of venue causes two dialogues to
pop up for each card.  One is for colour space, on for video format (size etc). 
This makes switching venues very disjointed (have to confirm 8 dialogues for no
reason) - anyone know how to suppress these dialogues? is there a vic or VFW
hack about to just make the cards get on with it?  this can also be forced by
selecting the same capture card within VICs device options.  Have tried the
"configure on transmit" option within VIC, both set and cleared, but neither has
any effect.

b. With four video producers on one machine, exactly how do folk get each stream
to carry consistent and different information - i.e. PRESENTER, AUDIENCE etc for
Vic to display?  Currently, all come out with our default profile (Access GRID
Node UCL) which makes it very hard to track. though the stream names do differ
(shown on the VIC title bar), the info in VIC needs more definition to help
users along.

(btw - streamnames in the VideoProducer service settings cannot handle spaces,
or the command line parameters passed to VIC get messed up on windows).

niggling bits I know, but thanks for any info/ideas


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