[AG-TECH] 'Yellow' flash in vic

Leslie Arvin arvin at stat.purdue.edu
Thu Jul 10 15:42:58 CDT 2003

Jeff Schwab (jrs at purdue.edu) here at Purdue identified this problem on a
PIG he designed and put together.  If I remember correctly, unlike most
cameras (or was it cards?) which display blockiness resulting from displaying
parts of the previous frame when they can't keep up with the video streams,
the cameras he used would flash yellow instead.  An annoying feature of that
brand of camera.  I believe he resolved it using a clever hack to bump up the
priority of vic on his PIG so it could better handle the load.  Jeff briefly
explained this problem and how he handled it in an AccessGrid presentation
about his PIG (now our "Conference Room PIG") he gave for NCSA recently.

Jeff, if you read this, please correct the technical details I probably got
wrong here.  Sorry for my poor memory of the details.  I'll have to look up
my notes from his talk.

-- Leslie Arvin
    arvin at purdue.edu
    Purdue University Access Grid

Ti Leggett wrote:
> I've seen this as well, but only from sites that have bad multicast...
> On Thu, 2003-07-10 at 15:07, Randy Groves wrote:
>>I've noticed recently that some of my machines (I thought it was only on 
>>one that has a single 2.4GHz Xeon, but now I'm seeing it on a dual), that 
>>there is sometimes a yellow flash that occurs on some of the cameras.  I've 
>>not done any tracking of type, graphics card, etc., but I'm wondering if 
>>this is a known occurrence, and if there is any info as to whether it is 
>>overloaded CPU, lack of memory, insufficient graphics card or none of the 
>>And if there's a FAQ that I can peruse - just whack me up-side the head 
>>with it!

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