[AG-TECH] New version of TVS code

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jul 2 16:50:40 CDT 2003

There's a copy of the TVS running a newer, hopefully much more robust,
version of the AG2 server code. It's not currently on the default url,
but is available at


A firewall conduit should be in place for its ports. If you're using
AG2, please give this a try. If all works out we'll swap the "real" TVS
over to this code.

BTW, if you're going to be running AG code on a Linux box,  you'll want
to check out these links:

glibc bug that led to server hangs with new code:


Errata with fixes for RH9.0:


Errata with fixes for RH 6.2 - 8.0:



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