[AG-TECH] Re: help with firewall

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Feb 28 11:23:31 CST 2003

You don't need to subscribe to the mcast-support; it is a closed list that 
is a target for requests of the network folks - so just mailing to it is fine.


At 10:20 AM 2/28/2003 -0700, Andrew Shewmaker` wrote:
>I've just subscribed to the mcast-support mailing list and I am waiting
>for my request to be approved.  In the meantime I was wondering if anyone
>could run a sniffer and look to see if our multicast packets are getting
>through.  Thanks.
>Please cc our network person Kelly Welch since he is not on the list.
>Phone No: (208)526-5421
>Email: ehw at inel.gov
>Is the source(s) in question running now?
>Yes.  We are running audio, video, and beacons.
>Provide IP sources.
>ag01v.inel.gov running video
>ag01a.inel.gov running audio and beacon
>ag01d.inel.gov running beacon
>Provide IP address of group not getting traffic.
>Provide IP address of receiver not getting traffic.
>We are seeing everyone's beacon, but not audio or video.
>Only three machines see our beacon from
>Are there any other current networking problems you are aware of at your 
>site or with your group?
>Yes, when outside the firewall everything works, but we experience a drop 
>of packets every minute
>on the minute.  About 3 seconds of audio and video are disrupted each time.
>Andrew Shewmaker
>Associate Engineer
>Phone:  208.526.1415
>Fax:  208.526.4017
>Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
>2525 Fremont Ave.
>Idaho Falls, ID 83415-3605

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