[AG-TECH] WinGlobus cert problem

Randy Heiland heiland at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Feb 27 09:20:17 CST 2003

Woohoo - I'm in!  It was indeed as simple as providing the filename for the
proxy cert file (not sure why a default couldn't be supplied).

Now that I've got everyone's attention, let me continue... :)
I installed AGTk, then, after making sure I do a 'Grid Proxy Init' (and have a
valid one), I try to do *something* with the AGTk.  First, I see the menu ops
that seem relevant to me are: Node Mgr, Venue Client, Venue Mgt, and Venue

These names are not an obvious mapping from what I was trying to use on Linux:
% python AGServiceManager.py
% python AGNodeService.py

nevertheless, I run 'Venue Server' and get:
 Not starting datastore for venue: None does not exist
 Service running at https://<mymachine>:8000/VenueServer
(I assume the missing datastore is OK and proceed...)

then I try to run either 'Venue Client' or 'Venue Mgt' and give the URL for my
service, but always get the 'venue URL no valid' msg (which is how far I was
getting on Linux too).

Is there a AGTk-for-dummies writeup somewhere?  In an earlier post by Willing,
he mentioned:
> Based Jennifer's getting-started page (for Windows), I've run:

can someone point me to this page?

Other advice welcome.


On Feb 27,  8:19am, Ti Leggett wrote:
> Subject: Re: [AG-TECH] WinGlobus cert problem
> I really think the problem lies in something not being happy with the
> truncated 8.3 paths with '~' in them. If you choose broswse and rechoose
> just directory so it has the full path (eg, C:\Documents and
> Setting....) it works. This stems from using %TEMP% which for some
> reason truncates the paths.
> On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 07:37, Shawn Davis wrote:
> > At 06:45 AM 2/27/2003, Randy Heiland wrote:
> > >I then run 'Grid Proxy Init' -> Create, enter my passphrase (as I used on
> > >Linux), and get an error:
> > >
> > >   952:error...:proxy_local_create:Problems creating proxy
> > >file:.\gssapi_ssleay\sslutils.c:3088
> > >   Open failed for File=c:...\heiland\LOCALS~1\Temp
> > >
> > >the "...heiland\Local Settings\Temp" dir does exist, but ???
> >
> >
> > For the proxy location, you need to specify a filename in addition to a
> > path.  The file should not exist; you're simply specifying where it should
> > store the proxy data.
> > So something like "...heiland\Local Settings\Temp\proxy" would work.
> > -Shawn
> >
>-- End of excerpt from Ti Leggett

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