[AG-TECH] "Status" window for what's going on?

andrea jackson a.jackson at mcc.ac.uk
Fri Feb 21 01:42:17 CST 2003

I have been using Notepad for a long time to put brief messages on screen to
my attendees. For example, if I hear them wonder out loud why a certain
venue has not joined the meeting yet, I may be able to flash up some info
that I have read on the MUD and keep them informed. This means they don't
need to start using mobile phones to track down their remote colleagues
after the meeting has started.

I can also tell them via Notepad to move their laptops away from in front of
the mics, as someone always forgets. And when I send a Notepad reminder that
the coffee machine is ready, our remote sites might wonder why a mass exodus
from the tables is taking place. Now you know.


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> So I'm sitting here in a two day seminar, with lots of speakers, each one
> for about a half hour.  Anyone coming in would have to hunt around the
room to
> see which presenter is up, and even then, that won't help for any last
> changes that have been made.
> Has anyone tried anything along the lines of throwing up a small window
> (notepad or something similar) with a little "Currently Playing" type
> in it, updated for each presenter?  Perhaps a small Powerpoint slide
> beforehand?
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