[AG-TECH] Multicast Debugging Information

Ed Ritenour erritenour at lbl.gov
Thu Feb 20 15:25:25 CST 2003


>From an operations point of view I agree with the first three items, but our
goal is to make the meeting a success. We have found that our users don't
necessarily care if the video is down as long as they can still participate in
the meeting. To do that they need need audio and slides. We have found from
past experience that it is unlikely a network problem will be resolved during
the testing process anyway and waiting up to the last minute to attempt
bridging or calling into an audio bridge makes it difficult to have successful
start.  By moving forward early on there is still time to finish up the power
point slides and any other in room issues. The client is still happy and if the
network comes up during the meeting that is all for the better. I realize this
makes it more difficult for troubleshooting so we should provide as much
inforamtin then ensure the clients needs are met.


Bill Nickless wrote:

> There are certain things we network people need to debug problems.  We need:
>   - The IP address of the active source
>   - The IP address of the multicast group
>   - The specific machine that is not receiving traffic
>   - A commitment to leave the source and receiver active at some
>     reasonably constant data rate
> It would sure be nice if the AG 2.0 node-op software would support a
> single-click dialog box, consolidating this key information for network
> debugging.  The node op could then simply cut & paste it into an email
> message, mud buffer, or trouble ticket description.
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