[AG-TECH] basic AG2 instruction directions

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Thu Feb 20 11:08:38 CST 2003

Hi everybody,

A bunch of kind people on the MOO yesterday talked me through installing 
alpha-02 on my Windows XP laptop. It was really not all that painful. 
:-) Actually, it was a very quick and easy install. Configuring and 
running it was often a bit confusing or counter-intuitive, so I thought 
I'd post some *very* brief instructions here for anybody who's ready to 
give it a shot. I encourage you to hop on the Venues MOO and come on 
over to the Meadow (type "go to meadow"), and get advice as you go 
along, and to see if anybody's got a 2.0 server running at that moment 
so you can connect to it. (Yesterday, Shawn Davis and I connected on his 
server -- woo hoo!)

I'm still a fairly clueless 2.0 user, so others here may do far better 
than I at answering questions about getting it up and running. I'm more 
than happy to include additional information in these instructions, so 
I'll fold stuff back into the URL below as it comes along.

The instructions below assume that you have a Globus certificate; 
hopefully somebody here can give a good pointer for people to request 
one if they need to.

The instructions are at:


- Jennifer

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