[AG-TECH] New List for AG Managers and Organizers

Rick Stevens stevens at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Feb 18 11:41:23 CST 2003


I would like to invite you to join a new mailing list, ag-users at mcs.anl.gov.

As the Access Grid continues to grow, it's important that we continue to 
build a community of users, both technical and non-technical. Non-technical 
users include managers of AG facilities, organizers of AG events, and 
others with interest in best practices for using the AG; their areas of 
interest may include:

    * Best practices for facilitating and planning AG sessions
    * Staffing issues for AG facilities
    * How to encourage AG use within local communities
    * Obtaining and maintaining funding for AG facilities and activities

The ag-users mailing list is a forum for discussion of these and any other 
non-technical topics of interest to AG users; it will also receive 
information on events such as the annual AG Retreat and SC Global.

To subscribe to this list, send mail to majordomo at mcs.anl.gov with a blank 
subject line and the words "subscribe ag-users" in the body of the message 
(omit the quotes).

Rick Stevens

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