[AG-TECH] VV2 being weird?

John I Quebedeaux Jr johnq at lsu.edu
Mon Dec 15 10:51:00 CST 2003

Is it just me.. every time i try to connect to the venue server at: 
https://vv2.mvs.anl.gov:9000/venues/default the vic pulls up but the 
venue client becomes unresponsive and I have to kill it. Having this 
happen on any machine I try it on. When I go to my own venue server I 
have no problems. Currently running AGTk 2.1 (i know i know, plans to 
update are after this wednesday).

-John Q.
John I. Quebedeaux, Jr.
Computer Manager / Louisiana Biomedical Research Network
LSU Biological Sciences / 131 Life Sciences
e-mail: johnq at lsu.edu / web: http://lbrn.lsu.edu
phone: 225-578-0062 / fax: 225-578-2597

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