[AG-TECH] Suggestions for single computer, full function AG node

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 10 05:05:47 CST 2003

Hi list!
As well as being interested in PIGs, I am now looking for single computer
that will handle a full AG node system, if that is now feasible.  I'm
assuming a fair
bit of 'grunt' (twin 3 GHz+ processors) and hopefully something like the
Matrox QID
(anyone actually seen one of these yet - all I've found are announcements!)
drive console + 3 projectors/wide-body triple LCD configuration.
In terms of capacity, what I would *like* to be able to handle is a 12 site
meeting - about 30 video feeds.  The only points on the performance graph I
so far is that our 1.4 GHz (nominal) Athlon with a G200 card handles about
20-25 feeds
unencrypted and about 10 or 11 encrypted, before windows start to stick.
I'm hoping
that 2x3 GHz processors and something like the QID (which I mention only
it seems to be one of the few cards with 4 outputs that runs off the AGP bus
so saves PCI slots for something else) will allow that.
BTW, I'm expecting to use a separate, tiny computer (Pangolin Tardis) to
the Gentner, as the software for that seems not to be a happy cohabitor with
the display system.  I'm definitely interested in the thread on Firewire
capture, especially if these can be daisy-chained - that saves two or more
slots (and cards).  Similarly on the audio front - a Firewire 8in/8-out box
like the
MotU 828 Mk II is worth investigating IMHO; I have one and am going to try.
This gives you all the interfaces you could need, full duplex, all balanced
over a single Firewire lead, so no bal/unbal interfaces are required and no
Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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