[AG-TECH] my university didn't support multicast oustside university

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Mon Dec 8 19:31:54 CST 2003

Hi Fang

At 09:00 5/12/2003 -0600, Shunming Fang wrote:
>the network group in my university told me they didn't support 
>unpreditable multicast to outside, anyway to get around that?

Try to see if somebody (who has multicast connectivity) will host a unicast/multicast bridge for you. Since you're hanging off Abilene I'm sure one of the (other) Texas I2 institutions could do you a favour.

There's a few bridges around. I can recommend http://if.anu.edu.au/SW/rcbridge.html but I'm biased :-)

That will give you a normal unicast feed that you can connect to manually with vic/rat. You can also use rcb-forward (see above web site) to remulticast the traffic on your local subnet if necessary. It's bidirectional, so your outbound traffic will also be visible to others.

It won't make multicast traffic predictable, but that's a separate discussion :-)


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