[AG-TECH] Which version of RedHat will AG 2.x be on?

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Dec 2 17:57:38 CST 2003

Douglas Baggett said:

> I have not looked at the process for pulling down the sources from cvs
> and then compiling it. Is the make process simple like
> ./configure
> make
> make install

Sometimes if there is a configure file. If not you have to do a
combination fo autoconf and automake. But usually there are instructions
in the README file on exactly what to do.

> or is it really hard....like having to edit your own makefile in the old
> days...or is it somewhere in between? Not that I am criticizing
> it...cause I'm not..really. Just wondering if it's worth my time to pull
> down the sources. If it's overly complex I might have to put it on hold
> till I have more time on my hands. I'll definitely look at the slackware
> scripts to see if it's going to work under 9.1

I have installed Chris Willings Slack packages for 9.1 on a handful of
systems. All works great, but you have to do two things to get it to work.
The README file only states one.

1. Grab the slack package from 9.0 of python-2.2 and install it. Don't
worry, it won't install over 9.1's python-2.3.
2. Make a symlink from /usr/bin/python2.2 to /usr/bin/python2

Then just install the PREREQs first, then the rest of tarballs. Make sure
to use the rat-alsa with 9.1 (since 9.1 uses ALSA instead of OSS).

If you need any help, I'll be glad to help.

Jeremy Mann
jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu

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