[AG-TECH] Which version of RedHat will AG 2.x be on?

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at cise-nsf.gov
Tue Dec 2 17:36:25 CST 2003

I think you misread me. I said "like Slackware or Debian" meaning any 
distribution that is active. I've been reading the thread on this and 
the messages from Ivan and I think his approach is probably best. I just 
don't have the time to sit through the process of compiling it. I do 
appreciate any work people do to get it working on various distributions.

What I was referring to really was the question of what will be the 
"Official" distribution (if any...or none at all) that is going to 
replace RH 7.3?

I have not looked at the process for pulling down the sources from cvs 
and then compiling it. Is the make process simple like

make install

or is it really hard....like having to edit your own makefile in the old 
days...or is it somewhere in between? Not that I am criticizing 
it...cause I'm not..really. Just wondering if it's worth my time to pull 
down the sources. If it's overly complex I might have to put it on hold 
till I have more time on my hands. I'll definitely look at the slackware 
scripts to see if it's going to work under 9.1



Charles R. Anderson wrote:

>On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 09:17:19AM -0500, Douglas Baggett wrote:
>>Maybe the AG project should switch to some other distro like Slackware 
>>or Debian?
>That seems pretty short sighted to me.  Imagine if the GNOME or KDE 
>developers limited themselves to supporting one distro.
>There is no reason both/all cannot be supported.  People are using 
>various distros already for the AG.
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