[AG-TECH] RS 232 control of cameras and projectors

Jon I Johansson jon.johansson at ualberta.ca
Thu Dec 4 18:54:25 CST 2003

I'm thinking about connecting our cameras and projectors
to a computer and controlling them through RS-232 but
there seem to be some problems with that idea:

I have 4 computers with 2 serial ports each and 
10 serial connections to make -

   4 projectors
   4 cameras (sony VISCA)
   1 Gentner
   1 Switch

Ok, so the cameras are supposed to be able to be daisy chained
and I'm left with 7 connections to make. I would really like
to be able to control all of this stuff from a single machine
with two serial ports, is that possible? If it is possible,
is it worth the trouble? The cameras and projectors can be
controlled with remotes but the operator may be sitting too
far from a device for that to work.

My limited understanding of serial ports is that they are
pretty much dedicated to the connected device but maybe
there is a way around this?

If anyone has done this sort of thing I would appreciate
their comments.

Thank you,

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