[AG-TECH] Which version of RedHat will AG 2.x be on?

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Dec 2 08:19:24 CST 2003

> While it would nicer if the toolkit were distribution-neutral, binary 
> releases are currently in RH rpm format (and, even more particularly, 
> for RH7.3). Perhaps thats what the OP meant.

Chris makes an extremely good point here, and we agree with him completely.
What the distributions ANL puts together are should really only be a
fraction of what is available. What we would like to see is more of what
Chris has done for slackware. The code is in cvs, anyone can grab it and
package it up for any distribution. 

In fact, if you are willing, create a
AccessGrid/packaging/linux/<distribution> directory and put everything
necessary for building the packages for the distribution you are working on.
When it works, give us back that stuff and I'll see that it gets into CVS.
In the mean time, we'll fix up the packaging directory to get the redhat7.3
packaging in the packaging/linux/redhat7.3 directory, like we have windows
in the packaging/windows directory :-)

> Building from source (or converting foreign packages) can be fun for 
> some people, a pain for others. For Slackware fans, there is 
> an AG2.1.2 
> bundle (binaries & install script) at:
> 	http://www.ap-accessgrid.org/AG2/index.html
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