[AG-TECH] Doubt . please Help

Himani Gandhi csa02037 at cse.iitd.ernet.in
Fri Dec 19 02:40:29 CST 2003

Hello all,

I'm new to grid and AG . 
So kindly excuse me and correct me if my doubts are wrong . 

I am trying to install a grid with a linux rh8.0 machine as a CA and
server and a windows 2000 machine as a client .
And then run AG personal nodes on  both . 

DOUBT : Is this configuration possible ? I hope there are no " known " 
incompatabilities in Linux server and win2k client ? 

I have installed the gpt3.0 on both the machines . 

Has someone done this kind of thing before ? Is there some link / tutorial 
which has some faqs or guide thru the bugs ? 

Himani Gandhi  

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