[AG-TECH] Access Grid Virtual Venues server down?

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Tue Apr 29 08:39:39 CDT 2003

Sounds like lots of people are getting this - at least one UK
user has just mentioned it to me.



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From: A Quay [mailto:andy at digitalworlds.ufl.edu]
Sent: 29 April 2003 14:07
To: ag-tech at mcs.anl.gov
Subject: [AG-TECH] Access Grid Virtual Venues server down?

Anyone seeing this message when trying to log into the Access Grid Virtual
Venues server? I can't log in.

"Warning: Unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: could not determine the
PostgreSQL user name to use in /home/ag/htdocs/AG/dbopen on line 2

Welcome to the Access Grid Virtual Venues server. Please log in below, or
register here if you need an account."

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