[AG-TECH] the latest pain....and a rant.

Dave Semeraro semeraro at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 25 07:27:03 CDT 2003

To all who replied to my rant. Thank you. Some of you know me pretty well 
and know that
I do go on a rant occasionally. It is my way of banging my head on the 
table. I feel much
better after that. For those of you who dont know me very well, please dont 
take my rants
personally. They are not meant that way. Just ask Randy Heiland...

My problems so far with this thing have been due to my ignorance not the 
developers of the
AG system. I am optimistic about getting things working and think that once 
I understand
how it goes together, the AG will be a big help in the work we are trying 
to do.

It turns out my rpm problem was due to my cutting and pasting the package 
name. I forgot
that sometimes rpm wants the file name with the .rpm extension and 
sometimes just the
package name.

Ivan, we will talk today. I have not even begun work on the image viewer 
port to the AG because
I have not been able to get even the most basic functionality to work yet. 
Again due to my
ignorance of the system not the software.

At 06:41 PM 4/24/2003 -0500, Ivan R. Judson wrote:

>Hey Dave,
>First, thanks for trying the software. Your input is valuable, this software
>should be easier to use, I'm sorry it's been difficult.
>Second, the invalid url dialog pops up for a lot of different reasons, one
>of the tasks we have on our plate is to clean up exception handling. One of
>the common reasons for this url has been a lack of a valid proxy. Other
>errors are possible causes.  However, one thing that would be *really*
>helpful is if you could include the *.log files (VenueClient.log primarily,
>but the VenueServer.log from your local server would help too) when you run
>into these problems. We have a lot of debugging information that gets
>printed into them and they can help us track down your problems.
>Lastly Dave, you and Randy should know we are 100+% committed to making this
>work for you. I know you are under immense pressure for the AHM, but we're
>doing a lot of work to make this happen. Even though it's been quiet, that
>shouldn't be taken as bad.  If you have AHM questions, feel free to send
>mail to ag-mcs at mcs.anl.gov (Bob Olson and Justin Binns are currently
>dedicated to the AHM work).
>Again, thanks for beating your head against this. I'm sorry it's happening
>in such a short timeframe. Hopefully I can make it up to you next week at
>the meeting.
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> >
> > Ok, first of all thank you to all of you who responded to my
> > question about
> > the dreaded
> > invalid URL error. All of your help is greatly appreciated.
> > However my
> > problem persists.
> > Of course in my quest for a solution I have made things
> > worse. At one point
> > I had the CVS
> > version of the venue client talking to the server at anl (
> > vv2:9000 ). I
> > thought I would investigate
> > Tom's suggestion that I had a version mismatch. I grabbed the
> > beta3 rpm
> > from the web site and
> > installed it. Not only could I not connect to argonne but now
> > I could not
> > connect to a server
> > running on the same machine as the client. There could not
> > possibly be a
> > version mismatch to
> > a server on the same machine because I reinstalled
> > everything... or at
> > least I think I did. You
> > never know with rpm. In doing the reinstall of the ag beta3 I
> > first tried
> > to erase the previous rpm
> > install. rpm -e blah.rpm said package blah was not installed.
> > Ok then rpm
> > -ivh blah.rpm. Now
> > rpm says package blah is already installed. Well which is it?
> > I hate rpm.
> > Tonight I am going to
> > repartition and start over again from a clean linux install.
> > Ya thats it...
> > Heh Heh Heh. Or maybe
> > I will just throw my computer out of the window. No I cant do
> > that I might
> > hit some poor innocent
> > person on the street. I hate computers ....
> >
> > Now for a real question. Since I am going to start over,
> > should I get the
> > srpms or  rpms from
> > http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/fl/research/accessgrid/software/2.
>Has anyone successfully installed AG2.0 beta3 on a linux box and had
>everything work? If so
>could they contact me directly? Of course, if such a person does exist they
>probably are not
>reading ag-tech.... :).
>Dave Semeraro Ph.D.
>Visualization and Virtual Environments Group
>NCSA University of Illinois
>605 E. Springfield Ave.
>Champaign, IL 61820
>Semeraro at ncsa.uiuc.edu
>(217) 244-1852

Dave Semeraro Ph.D.
Visualization and Virtual Environments Group
NCSA University of Illinois
605 E. Springfield Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820
Semeraro at ncsa.uiuc.edu
(217) 244-1852

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