[AG-TECH] AG2.0 and linux

Randy Heiland heiland at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Apr 24 09:46:26 CDT 2003

> This problem is a version mismatch between the venue server and venue
> client.  The venue client code you have is expecting clients and
> services in the venue state, but the server to which you are connecting
> (presumably vv2:9000)  is running beta3 code which does not include
> these in the venue state.  If you run a client and server from the same
> version of the code (both from beta3, say), they would be using the same
> definition of venue state, and this problem wouldn't occur.  You could
> do the same using cvs code, but then there are fewer guarantees.

Relate to this... is there a doc explaining how one starts up a venue server?
 I assume it involves the VenueServer and VenueServerRegistry classes (duh),
but other than that I'm lost.


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