[AG-TECH] AG demo Monday

Cindy Sievers sievers at lanl.gov
Fri Apr 18 11:21:49 CDT 2003

We are giving a demo to the high school students, mentors and teachers 
participating in the New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge on Monday, April 
21 from 2:00 - 3:00 MDT.  It would be very helpful if a few remote sites 
could join us so the students could interact with others.  We will be in 
the Los Alamos institutional space.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can 
join us.

Cindy Sievers           Los Alamos National Laboratory
sievers at lanl.gov        Group CCS-1 MS B287
tel:505.665.6602        Advanced Computing
fax:505.665.4939        Los Alamos, NM 87544

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