[AG-TECH] service wishlist and ag2 component overview

Thomas Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Apr 18 11:17:24 CDT 2003


This is great content.  We're very interested to see people's ideas for 
extensions, and happy to see development effort.  
There are a few things I'd mention re: the diagram and notes:

    * The VenueClient interacts with the NodeService, but not with
    * Each Node runs one NodeService which communicates with the
      ServiceManager running on each of the other machines in the node
      (those Other machines don't run NodeServices)
    * The NodeService communicates directly with Services in the Node
    * The description for ServiceManager seems to describe the
      NodeManagement user interface; a ServiceManager is software that
      runs on each machine in a node for controlling execution of Services
    * The description for Services says that the VideoProducer runs
      multiple copies of vic, but it's actually one vic per
      VideoProducer.  So, a video machine with four capture cards would
      run four VideoProducerServices (and, therefore, four copies of vic).

I hope this helps clarify some issues.  If you have any questions, 
please ask.



Frank Sweetser wrote:

>2 quickie web pages I whipped up as a result of stuff at the retreat:
>First is just a list of services that we thought might be cool to see.  I'm
>currenty working on the CorkBoard one.  If anyone else has suggestions, I'd
>be happy to add them to my list.
>Second is a description of the major components at work in the new AG 2
>software, with a pretty diagram showing how they fit together.  I'm not at all
>sure that I got everything right, so I'd definatelly appreciate those who
>actually know the innards takin a look.  If people think this is usefull, I'll
>write it up in a suitable format for AGDP.

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