[AG-TECH] service wishlist and ag2 component overview

Frank Sweetser fs at wpi.edu
Thu Apr 17 21:49:58 CDT 2003

2 quickie web pages I whipped up as a result of stuff at the retreat:

First is just a list of services that we thought might be cool to see.  I'm
currenty working on the CorkBoard one.  If anyone else has suggestions, I'd
be happy to add them to my list.


Second is a description of the major components at work in the new AG 2
software, with a pretty diagram showing how they fit together.  I'm not at all
sure that I got everything right, so I'd definatelly appreciate those who
actually know the innards takin a look.  If people think this is usefull, I'll
write it up in a suitable format for AGDP.


Frank Sweetser fs at wpi.edu
WPI Network Engineer

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