[AG-TECH] Problem with the beacon?

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Fri Apr 18 10:00:38 CDT 2003

yep - i think the beacon server (or it's home network) is broke.  I sent 
a note to the dast at nlanr.net folks on Wednesday about this ... but 
haven't heard anything back.

The reason I suspect its the beacon server, is that the mcast 
applications we tried (IPTV) ran just fine.

David Mitchell wrote:

>does anyone know if there is some sort of systemic problem with the
>beacon page at http://beaconserver.accessgrid.org:9999/ ? It seems as
>though most participants have suddenly decided to disable multicast in
>their operating system. I'm seeing most sites reporting "ID", which
>seems pretty unusual. Is it possible I'm looking at an out of date stats
>page? Or are other people noticing problems also? Thanks in advance,
>-David Mitchell

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