[AG-TECH] video capture / sound cards in one machine

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at inel.gov
Thu Apr 10 16:22:54 CDT 2003

On Thursday 10 April 2003 12:21 pm, Philip J McCormick wrote:
> Hi,
> We've hit a problem with our node installation. When we ordered our
> hardware we thought (or rather we were told) we could fit 32 bit PCI cards
> in 64 bit PCI card slots.
> However, now that our hardware has started to arrive and we've started to
> put the equipment together we've realised that the 32 bit PCI Win TV cards
> don't fit into 64 bit PCI slots.
> 2) out of curiosity, do any 32 bit PCI cards fit into 64 bit PCI slots or
> are they two completely different and incompatible technologies?
> 3) can anyone recommend 64 bit PCI Video Capture cards or sound cards? or a
> 32 bit PCI video capture card that can take multiple s-video inputs?

You can search the archives here:

There was a recent thread related to PCI slots and multichannel capture cards:

What we have found is that we get by fine with just three cameras.  At some
point we'll get a multichannel card...probably the Eagle Quattro ($760).
Others are successfully using the IVC-200 and the Falcon Quattro.

The Eagle has four Hirose connections which can be converted to s-video with
no loss of quality (according to the vendor I spoke to) for $35 per adapter.
I believe that the IVC-200 and the Falcon have composite video connections
and the former is less than half as expensive as the Quattros.  When I talked
to a vendor about needing s-video adapters for the IVC-200 he said they
didn't have converters but that others might.

For a do it yourself option (I personally don't feel like doing this) see:

In terms of device driver support, the Eagle will have binary modules for
Linux at the end of April.  I just assumed that VIC would use anything Linux
had a driver for, but maybe I shouldn't have made that assumption.


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