[AG-TECH] video capture / sound cards in one machine

Philip J McCormick mccormick at uk.ibm.com
Thu Apr 10 13:21:45 CDT 2003


We've hit a problem with our node installation. When we ordered our
hardware we thought (or rather we were told) we could fit 32 bit PCI cards
in 64 bit PCI card slots.

However, now that our hardware has started to arrive and we've started to
put the equipment together we've realised that the 32 bit PCI Win TV cards
don't fit into 64 bit PCI slots.

One way to solve the problem of not having enough 32 bit PCI slots in the
Video machine is to put one of the Win TV cards into the Audio machine,
then run VIC and RAT on the audio machine.

So three questions:

1) would this solution actually work (i'm sure there are probably setbacks
to this approach)?
2) out of curiosity, do any 32 bit PCI cards fit into 64 bit PCI slots or
are they two completely different and incompatible technologies?
3) can anyone recommend 64 bit PCI Video Capture cards or sound cards? or a
32 bit PCI video capture card that can take multiple s-video inputs?


Phil McCormick
mccormick at uk.ibm.com

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