[AG-TECH] multicast and PIG

Moses, Jennifer D (Cont,ARL/CISD) jmoses at arl.army.mil
Wed Apr 9 12:40:09 CDT 2003

We are trying to set up a PIG on a couple desktops at the Army Research
Lab (ARL), which is on the DREN. We are having inconsistent problems and
aren't sure what is causing these problems. I'm hoping someone on this
list can help shed some light. 

First of all, we are running PIM Sparse, though it defaults to PIM Dense
when needed. Is this setup ok or is there a better multicast

Second, someone recently told us about Internet2 Detective which can be
used to see if multicast is running. We get inconsistent results -
sometimes it says multicast is running, sometimes it isn't, and
sometimes it gives a yes answer then automatically switches to no.
Regardless of which answer it gives, one computer here always seems to
be successful in bringing up the PIG and connecting to the lobby. The
other system (mine) never does - I don't even get a heartbeat. These 2
systems are in separate buildings and on separate networks, but we
switched the systems this morning and still get the same results. 

The 2 PCs are different, but both are running Win 2000, mine with SP1
and the other with SP3. Could this be part of the problem? I had been
successful in running the PIG last fall on my system (with Win 2000 and
SP1) but ever since the DREN was "upgraded" a couple months ago, I
haven't been successful. I know there were some multicast problems with
the new DREN, but it seems those have been worked out. I don't know what
else could be causing my system to fail when the other one, even when
hooked up to my network jack in my office and using my IP address, is

Any suggestions are appreciated!!!
Jen Moses

Jennifer Moses
Contractor, HPTi
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